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Are Bidet Attachments Worth It?

Saving Your Money, Health, Environment and Time. Is it really worth it?
Expenses Eats Your Money 
If you are a toilet paper lover, you should know that you spend around
$9000 on toilet paper in your lifetime. whereas bidet attachments can cut this expenses by 80%. On the other hand, if you already know bidet and you refused to use one for whatever reason, you probably have chosen to spend $9000 rather than just $70 or $80. 
To be healthy is to be hygiene 
These days, everyone is aware of  the best path to be protected is  taking care of their hygiene and unfortunately most of people still us toilet paper even-though it not an appropriate way to do so. in other words, toilet papers do a less than ideal job of cleaning, and in some cases can be the cause of serious injury and infection as well. For example, If someone wipes too many times or too hard. the thin and delicate skin on your anus can tear leading to pain or an instance of bleeding. Also, it increases the chances of infection from fecal bacteria. meanwhile, bidet attachment brings convenience and health.


Live More Eco-Friendly With Bidet Toilet Attachment
Have you known that ....
Americans use  around 100,000,000 rolls of toilet paper every day in a attempts to cleans the backside?  
Are you aware that it roughly takes around?
- 41,000 TREES
- 1,297,500,000 gallons of water 
- 88,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases  Every Day to make those 100,000.000 rolls of toilet paper
Cutting your toilet paper usage by making Bidet part of your life will save lives

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