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Are Bidets Safe

To Be Safe Is To Be Hygiene
Indeed, you are not safe if you are not using bidet attachment  because nothing cleans like water. However, If you are here now, you are probably using toilet paper as a cleaning method and trying to switch to a different way, but you have some concerns. So, let's wipe up that concern and be clean about everything. 
Bidet - Bidets -
These days, Personal hygiene has been paid more and more attention than ever before. While, everyone knows that the best way to be protected is to take care of their hygiene from any viruses and  unfortunately toilet paper is not an appropriate way to do so. 

Actually, not only toilet paper does a less than ideal job of cleaning, but  in some cases could lead to serious injury and infection as well regarding to the lack of cleanliness. For example, If someone wipes too many times or too hard. the thin and delicate skin on your anus can tear leading to pain or an instance of bleeding. Also, it does increase the chance of infection from fecal bacteria. 

Bidet attachment

Whereas, bidet attachment brings convenience and health and also protects the environment and your wealth. For example,  The usage of Bidet attachment can highly reduce consumption rate of toilet paper which leads to save you money and save our planet from cutting trees. In other words,  there is an uncounted benefits that of using Bidet attachment. It Ensure good daily hygiene. Women are more clean during menstruation. Hemorrhoids patients are easy to use and reduce infection and it is Friendly to children and old people.

So, Are Bidets Safe?

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