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Are Bidets Sanitary ?

Bidet Attachment

Doctors warn that the use of toilet paper, which has been traditionally used in many countries of the world, can cause health problems for humans, according to the British newspaper "The Independent".
Several countries in the world, such as Britain, Australia and the United States of America, use "toilet paper", while other countries such as Japan, Italy, Greece and the Arab countries rely on toilets equipped with a bidet attachment system.

The source pointed out that the use of toilet paper does not clean properly, as it can cause health problems such as anal fissures and urinary tract infection.

Many people use toilet paper, they roam the streets and think they are clean, "but they are not," said researcher Rose George.

"I suggest using wet wipes or bidet attachment  because they are more effective and are recommended by many experts."

These warnings indicate that relying on water in toilets with the use of bidet attachment system  or wet wipes is more effective in achieving complete hygiene than relying on paper only, and a number of celebrities recently joined this campaign that aims to educate people about the dangers of toilet paper.

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