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Bathroom Cleaning Methods

Bathroom cleaning

The bathroom needs specific methods and tools to be cleaned because it is full of germs, as well as there should be a need to clean it on a daily and continuous basis. Every  person have to take some steps to obtain a clean and sterile bathroom free of diseases, dirt and odors. In this article we will mention ways to clean it.

How to clean a bathroom

 Preparing for cleaning Wear gloves before starting: The person must wear gloves for cleaning before starting so that germs and dirt do not transfer to him / her. Removing all things that have nothing to do with the bathroom: everything in excess such as clothes, mugs and rubbish must be removed, and side tables or moving storage tanks should also be moved so that the person can clean under them. Pour the bleach or disinfectant into the toilet bowl: put the toilet brush inside the toilet, which helps to clean it. Ensure that the window and door are open to ensure proper ventilation, and to operate the fan, if any.

 Dust cleaning: When cleaning any room, you must start from the top and then the bottom, and the matter certainly applies to the bathroom. You must use a dust brush to remove spider nets and dust on the walls and corners of the room to be cleaned later on from the ground. . In the event that the bathroom walls are covered with wallpaper, it is best to use a wet towel or toilet paper to clean it from dust. Apply cleaning powder to dirty places: If the sink and drain or the place around the water faucet is dirty with lime, it is advised to moisten it and spray it with cleaning powder (often in the form of a scrub powder), and leave it for about 15 minutes until it is easier to clean, and in the meantime a person can do things Another.

Cleaning steps

 Cleaning the walls, windows and the surface: If there is mold on the surface or walls, it is best to start cleaning it by spraying it with a special detergent and leave it for a few minutes, and then clean it well using a clean towel, and if the walls of the tiles are better to clean it using a sponge by rubbing it well.

 Cleaning the shower: by spraying it with a polished or antiseptic powder, leaving it for several minutes, then rubbing it with the sponge and spraying it with water to ensure the dirt does go away. Cleaning the sink and the surrounding area: It is cleaned by rubbing it with a small amount of cleaning foam, rinsing it with water and returning the ball if necessary.

 Mirror cleaning: The mirror should be cleaned with a polished spray and a clean towel to get rid of any stains or dirt, and to obtain the desired shine. Cleaning the toilet inside and out: It is cleaned by spraying it with an antiseptic spray and wiping it with a towel or toilet paper, and from the inside it is cleaned using a brush.

 Floor cleaning and drying: It is cleaned by spraying it with water with a bidet attachment, then removing and drying the water with the mop. After finishing, the person can spray the bathroom with an air freshener to make the scent beautiful, to get rid of any unwanted smell, and then return the things that were removed as garbage.

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