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Bidet vs Toilet Paper

If you are walking in a street and stepped in cat poop. will you use napkins to wipe it off? You would wash it with water. This is exactly the main reason for most people worldwide to use bidet attachment for toilet to clean themselves. 


Using a bidet attachment is a life change. Bidet attachment is more environmentally friendly in the way of using water. For example, one-eighth of gallon water is needed to use the bidet, while more than 37 gallons of water are needed to make a single roll of toilet paper.


Also, the bidet attachment is a money saver. The average Americans spend around $50 to $80 a year on toilet paper and the usage is around 30 million rolls of toilet paper a day. Therefore, a bidet attachment for toilet could save you around 80% of your spending on toilet paper. 


On the other hand, cleaning yourself with a bidet attachment will absolutely increase your hygiene. Moreover, It decreases the chance of infection from fecal bacteria. Whereas, Toilet paper could lead to many serious damages to your skin. For instance, if you wipe too fast or too hard you might irritate the skin and cause sewer damage.


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