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Coronavirus Prevention Methods

Coronavirus is the virus that is defined as the micro-sized microbe that invades the living cell, so it uses chemical equipment in the same cell to copy itself, and ensure its survival, as viruses do not have the ability to grow and multiply outside the living cell, they are responsible for a number of infections that It affects a person, for example, a cold infection occurs as a result of infection with one of the types of the nasal virus. As for AIDS, it is caused by infection with HIV.  In addition to the above. Coronavirus is one of the most common types of viruses, which It affects both animals and humans, and it is worth noting that there are different types of corona viruses, often resulting in the emergence of a number of problems of the upper respiratory system that vary in intensity between light and medium, these viruses are responsible for infection about 15-30% of cases of cold. In contrast, there are certain types of corona virus that cause more serious diseases, among them: the Middle East corona virus and coronavirus SARS. In fact, the Corona virus was isolated for the first time in 1937 AD from birds with bronchitis, as these were The infection is responsible for T. Poultry stocks were largely destroyed at the time, and below is another type of corona virus known as the Wuhan virus or the new corona virus 2019. 

Corona virus prevention methods

Prevention of infection infection There are many preventive methods that are recommended to be used to avoid infection with Corona virus infection, and from these methods we can mention the following: Avoid contact with sick people as possible. Take care to avoid touching the nose, eyes, and mouth without cleaning the hands. Take care to wash your hands well with soap and water. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean it in the absence of water to wash hands. Take care to wash all personal tools used by the person with the virus, including bedding and dinnerware. Wear a medical mask if you are in the same place with someone who has the virus. Dispose of gloves if you touch any of the infected body fluids. However, when moving to the countries of the Middle East, the individual must follow a number of advice and preventive measures to prevent catching the infection of the Corona virus in the Middle East, where individuals must take care to wash hands well with soap and water, especially after wandering the markets, farms, or sheds of these countries And it is advised to do the following: Avoid consuming raw camel milk, or one of its derivatives. Avoid contact or contact with camels. Take care to avoid eating any types of raw milk, or one of its derivatives, or any of the foods that may be contaminated with animal secretions, unless the animal is skinned, cleaned, and cooked well.

Preventing the transmission of infection to others

 It is possible to protect others from infection in the event of symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus, by following several different tips, and some of them can be mentioned as follows: Avoid direct contact with others to prevent the spread of the virus. Take care to clean and sterilize the surfaces. Staying home throughout the illness. Covering the mouth and nose with tissues while coughing or sneezing, with the importance of getting rid of them afterwards in garbage, and washing your hands well.

 Corona virus infection spread

Corona virus is transmitted through the fluids that are secreted from the respiratory system, and therefore there are a group of different ways in which the corona virus can spread between individuals, and some of them can be mentioned as follows: shaking hands, or contact with a person infected with the virus, it may contribute It transmits the virus. Coughing or sneezing, without even covering your mouth, can help spread contaminated droplets in the air. Touching objects or surfaces subject to infection, and then touching the eyes, nose, or mouth. Contact with feces is contaminated with infection, but this happens in rare cases.

Corona virus symptoms

 People with common SKV viruses show a range of mild to moderate symptoms, and some of them can be mentioned as follows: Coughing. Suffering from a runny nose. Feeling of general malaise. Having a fever. Suffering from headache. Sore throat. Inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

 Coronavirus diseases

 Acute pneumonia syndrome is a serious form of viral pneumonia, caused by infection with the coronavirus SARS is a type of coronavirus. Before containing this virus, the coronary SARS virus caused the death of about 774 people from all over the world in 2003, but it has been since In 2004, there were no recorded cases of infection with this infection, and among the symptoms that appear on a person with acute pneumonia syndrome are the following: Dry cough infection. Suffering from headache. Having a fever. Feeling confused. Loss of appetite. Diarrhea. Feeling pain in the body. Infection, night sweats. Suffering from breathing problems, including shortness of breath.

 Respiratory syndrome in the Middle East

 The first cases of this viral infection were recorded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but then spread to other regions in the Middle East, and outside the countries of Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa, and in fact, this virus results in a set of symptoms on the person , Which differs in severity from one person to another, but in cases of weakening of the immune system in the body, aging, or chronic diseases, infection with this virus may result in a number of serious health problems, such as kidney failure, or breathing failure, and this may be S virus At times, in general, the person with the Middle East Coronavirus infection appears to have a range of symptoms, including the following: Facing difficulty breathing. Having a fever. Coughing. Vomiting, diarrhea.

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