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How can I teach my child to use the bathroom ?

Ways to teach the child to use the bathroom

There are a set of ways in which the child is taught and helped to use the bathroom, and it is as follows: Using loose pants that are easy to take off quickly, due to their suitability for the child and the mother. Teaching and training the child to use words to express his need to use the toilet seat. The mother should asked the child to tell her if the diaper was wet or dirty. The child has a special chair, where the child can sit on it and set aside some time to train him. Explain how to use the toilet for the child, as the child learns more through looking and watching. Encourage the child to use the toilet, by offering him rewards and praising him every time he uses the toilet, even if nothing happens.

Signs of a child's readiness to use the bathroom

The child shows a set of signs when he is ready to use the bathroom in a noticeable way for the mother, and the most important of these signs are the following: The child shows his interest in the toilet chair. The child begins by indicating that the diaper is dirty or wet. He goes to another room or other place to urinate. The child begins to feel uncomfortable if the diaper is wet or dirty. The diaper stays dry for a period of time that may reach two hours or more. The baby wakes from a nap and the diaper is dry. The child begins to understand and follow instructions.

 The right age for a child to use the bathroom

There are some children who show willingness and readiness to use the bath from the age of 18 months, but others may exceed three years, so teaching the child to go to the bathroom needs time, patience, and cooperation between the mother and the child, and it is indicated that some experts believe that children continue to use Diapers are more than girls, because they are generally more mobile and active.

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