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How To Install A Bidet

How To Install A Bidet

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1-Two of 7/8 washers are In the Bidet bag of T-adapter.Take one and put it in the female connector of T-adapter.

2.Get the plumber's tape and wrap on the head of flush tank Then use the T-adapter to connect the flush tank.Must tighten up,if not it maybe leak.If the head of flush is too can put one more 7/8 washer in the T-adapter. 

3.Use the hose to connect the T-adapter and bidet.Make sure to put the washer in the both ends of hose.If not,it will leak.

4.The holder and hook are separated in the parcel.You can choose Wall-mounted or Toilet Hanger.If hanger,use the screws which is in the hook bag to fix the holder and it  will be fine.

5.When you install the holder on hook,the protruding part of holder's base must be down,like the picture.Everything is installed on the front of the hook,not black.

6.Use the toilet hose (not include in our package)to connect the T-adapter.Turn on your water supply and check that everything works properly.


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