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How To Wash Your Hands

The importance of cleaning hands

  Personal hygiene is one of the most important things that must be paid more attention. It is achieved through daily showering, cleaning the feet, hands and backside. However, the hands are among the most exposed to many germs and bacteria during the day. Therefore, it must be cleaned periodically to avoid infection with many diseases, especially people who prepare food , Or who work in the medical field. where as. people who do not clean their hands continuously are the most vulnerable to influenza, colds, many infections, measles, smallpox, and tuberculosis.

How to clean hands

 Water and Soap

Using Water alone is not enough to clean hands. Water does not get rid of oils, dirt, or microbes that remain on the hands or skin. So, it is necessary to use soap along with water to get rid of them. It is preferable to use hot water that carries enough heat to kill bacteria, as Most bacteria multiply on body's temperature and die if the temperature rises. As a result, cold water does not get rid of them, and it is preferable to avoid the frequent use of solid soap, as it carries a lot of bacteria because of its transmission from one hand to another, and it is preferable to use effective liquid soap with automatic soap dispenser to stop spread and kill the viruses or harmful bacteria.

Hand sanitizer

In the late nineties, a hand sanitizer has widely spread among people and it does not need water to use, which consists of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol that are mixed with Carbomer or any thickener, Also, a pleasant aroma is added to obtain a moisturizing gel mixture that resembles liquid glycerine without emitting foam from it to reduce the effect of alcohol on the hands.

It is used by rubbing hands and disinfecting them to get rid of bacteria, as the hand sanitizer has the ability to kill sixty to ninety-five percent of germs. Moreover, the hand sanitizer eliminates drug-resistant bacteria and bacteria that cause immune deficiency in the body and fungi.

After using a hand sanitizer, it is always preferable to use a moisturizing hand cream with a focus on drinking enough water to avoid drying hands, or sterile wet wipes that get rid of a good percentage of germs and bacteria.


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