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Personal Hygiene

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Personal hygiene is defined as a set of habits that a person adheres to, and is keen to follow to maintain his activity, vitality, health, and personal appearance, and increase the respect of others to him, so Islam called us to maintain cleanliness.

The importance of personal hygiene

 Eliminate unpleasant odors. It maintains the health of the body from many diseases, such as skin diseases, and diseases resulting from the neglect of cleaning vegetables and fruits and washing them. It protects against many psychological problems, such as tension and depression, and increases self-confidence.

Diseases caused by poor hygiene

Diarrhea and dysentery.
Infection with intestinal worms of all kinds.
 Lever Inflammation.
 Polio infection.

 Methods of maintaining personal hygiene

 Showering at least 3 times a week. Eliminate the smell of sweat with a deodorant. Using bidet attachment sprayer instead of toilet paper. Bidet attachment actually improves your hygiene,  because keeping your backside clean could prevents a lot of bacteria from evolving.  Periodically cut your nails. Daily socks change. Attention to brushing teeth after eating, and using toothpicks continuously. Always clean and wash clothes, and keep them away for long periods of time. Raising children to pay attention to personal hygiene, by providing them with all basic hygiene needs, and training them to use personal hygiene tools properly. Wearing cotton undergarments because it absorbs sweat and forms an insulating layer between the body and what it wears. Change clothes, and replace clean clothes with those moistened with sweat to avoid unpleasant body odor. Avoid wearing nylon and polyester clothing, especially in the summer. Avoid eating spicy foods and some foods, such as garlic and onions, because it produces an unpleasant odor from the body. Reducing anxiety and stress because it increases the secretion of sweat. Put a few perfumes before going out because they last a long time, and they also cover up unpleasant odors. Daily care of sensitive areas, by washing them with a special wash to eliminate the smell of natural secretions, and it is advised to dry them well. Personal care during the menstrual cycle for women, by cleaning the sensitive area to prevent fungi infection, and to avoid bad smells, and it is advised not to use a pad for more than 8 hours. 
Reasons for the individual neglecting his personal hygiene

 Lack of awareness, and lack of culture, the importance of personal hygiene. Less water for bathing, washing tools and clothes. Poor psychological state, frustration, and the absence of motivations that urge attention to personal hygiene. Having a certain disease hinders the ability to take care of personal hygiene

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