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Personal Hygiene Methods For Girls

Ear hygiene

 The ear must be kept clean continuously, so it must be cleaned after each shower, and that is through the use of cotton sticks to clean the ear. it protects the ear from infection and prevents irritation of the skin. you must consider cleaning the ear gently without pressing on it, and you must stay away from cleaning it deeply to avoid damaging the inner ear.

Dental hygiene

 One of the most important methods of personal hygiene is caring for dental hygiene and maintaining a fresh breathing.  Therefore,  it is recommended to brush teeth daily, while continuing to use the thread regularly as well as it protects against gum disease and various dental problems. Also, the tongue must be cleaned by rubbing it Well when cleaning teeth.

Clean sensitive area

Women in sensitive areas should be kept clean especially after the menstrual period. As neglect of personal hygiene during the menstrual period can lead to the multiplication of bacteria inside the reproductive system, which may contribute to pelvic inflammatory disease. So, it  must be taken care  to clean the sensitive area during the period of the cycle Monthly, as it is advised to use non-woven products during that period, and to stay away from other products that can cause irritation in the area. bidet attachment is one of the advised tools that could be used to keep your personal hygiene hight during the menstrual period, and it is not advised at all to use toilet paper cause it does a less job than cleaning. 

Get rid of excess hair

Care must be taken to cleanse the body of excess hair, and daily use of antiperspirants must be maintained to ensure a pleasant aroma remains for the body.


 Bathing is one of the methods that must be maintained for personal hygiene, as it is necessary for the human body to get rid of germs, bacteria and dead skin cells attached to the skin, as it works to rejuvenate the skin's pores. It is also  recommended after excessive bathing to avoid the occurrence of skin infections or irritation, because excessive bathing It causes dry skin, which makes the skin more vulnerable to bacterial growth in the interior of the skin.

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