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The Importance of Hand Washing

Hand washing is one of the most important things that young and old alike alike must do. The person is exposed to germs and dirt in every movement he / she makes. The spread of diseases and epidemics makes it necessary for the person to take greater care and attention to personal hygiene in order to protect himself from health problems. Different diseases, so it is important to know the importance of hand washing to increase awareness among people.


The importance of hand washing

Washing hands is not only to get rid of the dirt that appears on them , but also there are germs attached to the hands that the naked eye cannot see. By washing hands, the person gets rid of these germs and dirt and cleanses them in order to be protected from diseases . and many other problems.

Today, when thinking about things that are touched, the person will realize that the amount of germs and dirt that has passed into his hands coud be countless. For example, carrying cash, talking on the public phone, and many other daily and routine activities are the basic methods that could widly spread a killing viruse. Therefore, it is preferable to wash hands immediately and as soon as possible. In order to do so, keeping wet wipes, or special disinfectant to temporarily clean hands would be really helpful .

Awareness on this topic must be spread among people, especially among children and school students. So that hand washing becomes a routine that must be done regularly; the general environment and schools are the most common places where different germs and diseases are spread, due to the nature of children's behavior and their lack of attention to hygiene and hand washing. In order to decrease that, innovative hygiene tools could be used at those places to eliminate the spread. For example, Automatic soap dispenser could be a really good one that allows everyone to get some soap, without touching the soap bar or pump.


Hand wash times before

  1. During and after preparing the meal.
  2. Before eating, even if the person is in the restaurant or a public place.
  3. Before and after caring for the sick person, because this avoids transmission.
  4.  After entering the bathroom, even if the person did not use it, once entering the hands should be washed, the bathroom is one of the most places that contain dirt, germs and epidemics.
  5.  After changing a baby's diaper, or even after helping him enter the bathroom.
  6.  After cleaning the nose with a tissue, or after sneezing and coughing.
  7.  After touching pets, or even feeding or washing them, they are usually full of germs and dirt even if they are clean.

How to wash hands properly

  Moisten hands well with cold or warm water. Rub hands with soap well for 20 seconds, and spread the foam everywhere even under the nails. Rinse hands well under clean water until soap and foam are removed. Dry your hands with a clean towel or dry air.

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