Toilet Paper Alternatives

Buying panic

While news of panic and hunger for many food and health products came after the Corona pandemic, toilet paper came out on top in shopping lists in many countries, especially European and American, as well as Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, according to Business Insider.

However, this panic towards toilet paper was not strongly present in many Islamic and Asian countries, due to the different healthy habits.

For example, In most Islamic countries, bidet attachment is commonly used as water has to be a cleaning way after using the toilets. This is part of the purity and according to the teachings of the Islamic religion.

the non-use of bidet attachment as personal cleaning device,  Rose George described this reality in European and North American  countries - in his book "The urgent necessity ... the unknown world of human waste" - as an excuse for disgusting, stressing that the use of wipes does not guarantee complete hygiene.

In most European and North American countries, toilets do not consist of any alternative way for cleaning, but only toilet paper and that has caused a significant issue for people to be cleaned because the lack or short age of toilet paper due to Covid-19 outbreaks.

However, in recent years, some Arab immigrants and refugees have begun introducing their culture by installing bidet attachment or using portable bidet, but the matter is still limited and does not include most hotels, restaurants, and public toilets.

Toilet Paper Alternatives

Bidet is the best alternative for toilet paper. there is many types of bidets, but all of them serve the same purpose

Electric Bidets

Electric bidet attachment seat or smart bidet attachment is considered to be an improvement version of normal bidets. It has many options that can come with such as heated seat, cold and hot water adjustment, deodorizers or even a dryer. It is the most expensive type of bidets, but for some people is the best choice.

Non-Electric Bidets or Bidet Attachments

toilet bidet

Bidet attachment  is so common these days, because of bathroom space issues that face some people plus the economical price that it has. It also comes with a variety of options such as attachment with hot and cold water. it is advised to be one of the best alternatives for toilet paper.

Bidet Sprayers

Bidet sprayer or hand held bidet is the most common bidet in the whole world. It provides more flexibility for users as it can be moved in any direction and it does not take that much space in the bathroom. Also, it is a perfect choice for people who have no experience with toilet bidet. 

Travel Bidet or Portable Bidet

The lack of bidets in some countries has led to invent a bidet that people can bring with them on the go. Portable bidet is not that expansive option for people. So, it does not cost that much money and saves you a lot of money. Somehow, portable bidets look like a water bottle, but with a squeezing feature. it is the best one to be used these days because you can take your portable bidet with you wherever you go. So, there is no need to be worry about the lack of toilet paper. 


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