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Types of Bidets

Bidet attachment have been existed for years in many countries, but in North American, Bidet attachment is considered to be a new innovation device or a foreign hygiene tool. Whereas, Some people may know bidet attachment  form a previous experience such as traveling around the world especially to the Middle East or Asia. For those who had an experience with Bidet attachment may know who the bidet attachment look like or even the types of bidet attachment , but for those who do not know and wanted to experience that feeling of how one cleans up and gets fresh after using the bathroom.

Types of Bidets

Electric Bidets

Electric bidet is considered to be an improvement new version of bidets. It has many options that can come with such as heated seat, cold and hot water adjustment, deodorizers or even a dryer. It is the most expensive type of bidets, but for some people is the best choice.

Non-Electric Bidets or Bidet Attachments

bidet attachment

Bidet toilet seat is so common these days, because of bathroom space issues that face some people plus the economical price that it has. It also comes with a variety of options such as hot and cold water use.

Bidet Sprayers

Bidet sprayer or hand held bidet is the most common bidet in the whole world. It provides more flexibility for users as it can be moved in any direction and it does not take that much space in the bathroom.


Travel Bidet or Portable Bidet

The lack of bidets in some countries has led to invent a bidet that people can bring with them on the go. Portable bidet is not that expansive option for people especially for those who travel to countries that do not have bidets as a stander option. Somehow, portable bidets look like a water bottle, but with a squeezing feature.


The purpose of using bidets is to be more clean, hygiene and to protect yourself from any disease or any harmful bacteria. All types of bidets provide the same feature, which is to be clean, and hygiene. Possibly one of these types will be preferred than others for some people, but in the end all of them serve the same purpose. So, do not hesitate and leave what really harms you

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