What Are Bidets Used For

Basically, bidets are designed to be used for personal hygiene. So, the main purpose of toilet bidet is washing people's inner buttocks, perineum and anus. There is several types of bidets, but all of theme serve the same purpose which is increasing everyone personal hygiene. the most common bidets are toilet bidet attachment or Non-electric bidets and the toilet bidet sprayer.

What Do Bidets Do For Both Gender 

Many people think that bidets are just for women, but actually toilet bidets are very sufficient to serve both genders, although the bidet is very effective device for women hygiene during pregnancy and menstruation. Also, it is still a hygienic device for men in the way of using it with in bathroom instead of toilet paper.

Bidets have been existed for years in many countries, but in some countries, bidet still a foreign device.  

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