What Countries Use Bidets

Bidet toilet seat have been existed for years in many countries, but in North American, Bidet seat is considered to be a new innovation device or a foreign hygiene tool.

Whereas, Some people may know bidet seat form a previous experience such as traveling around the world especially to the Middle East or Asia. 


The bidet toilet seat was originally invented in the 16th century in France. It was meant to be used for getting red of dirt after using the bathroom. In Europe, bidet toilet seat is commonly founded in countries like Portugal, Italy, France and Spain.

in Asia, bidet seat is commonly used in Japan. Indeed, There is a lot of countries use bidet as an essential tool. Around 90% of population on earth use bidets as an hygiene methods. North America is The only place that bidets are not commonly used even though it is much more sanitary and less wasteful than toilet paper .



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