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Why bidet is not popular in America?

There are many reasons behind why Americans do not use Bidet Attachment  but most of them can be summarized in just four points  
1.Culture Practices - it is well known that Americans were someday a part of The United Kingdom society and still have many perceptions of how they routinely behave. So, the reasons could be sum up in the way that Englands do not use bidet attachments and they still do not.

2. Unawareness Of Bidet Attachments - most of Americans do not actually know what does bidet mean or what it is. In 70s, if you the Americans were asked about bidets, the answer would totally be back to you with a question "what is a bidet attachment?" Also, today, nothing has mostly changed. most of Americans are not familiar with bidet.  

3. Bad Reputation -  the first time that bidet was recognized by the Americans was in the the world war two in European whorehouses. Therefore, somehow bidets were associated with prostitution in the American's eye.

4. Toilet Paper - since day one of using bathroom, toilet paper is considered to be the only known way that could be used to clean the anal area. Americans have been grown with this way. it is in the blood of any American family. So, when something new is introduced, it might considered to be weird or different and different might be uncomfortable. TP has become a lifestyle and it takes time and maybe a long time to change a habit.

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