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NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated - Bidet Eco
NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated - Bidet Eco
NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated - Bidet Eco
NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated - Bidet Eco
NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated - Bidet Eco
NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated - Bidet Eco
NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated - Bidet Eco

NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated

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    Save Your Health, Enjoy Restful, Healing Body and Feeling Refreshed!

    NOVA Eco Bidet Seat is from one of the largest bidet seat manufacturers with a Ceramic Water Heating System and Nano Antibacterial Water Filtration to provide you with Clean And Warm Water Anytime you want to elevate the comfort of your cleaning experience.

    NOVA Eco Bidet Seat offers a drastic improvement in how one cleans up and gets fresh after using the bathroom.

    NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated

    NOVA Eco bidet attachment - Elongated is not only easy and comfy to use, but it also increases your personal hygiene and brings convenience and health. 

    Spa Experience: Pulsating freshwater and Ambient temperature smoothing wash, leaves you clean and rejuvenated

    NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated

    How can the NOVA Eco Bidet Seat benefit you?

    ☑️ Ensure good daily hygiene.
    ☑️ Save Your Money: Bidet attachment saves about $8,400 on toilet paper in your lifetime.
    ☑️ Save Your Health: Bidet Decreases the chance of infection from fecal bacteria.

    ☑️ Save Your Health: Toilet Bidet Increases hygiene during menstrual period
    ☑️ Save Your Health: Hemorrhoids patients are easy to use and reduce infection.


    NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated

    Eco-NOVA Bidet Features: 

    ☑️Ultra-thin body design with anion-type nano antibacterial polypropylene
    ☑️Brushed stainless steel remote control
    ☑️Blue night light
    ☑️Fits 1- and 2-piece toilets
    ☑️Available elongated seat size only
    ☑️Available in white
    ☑️Electricity required
    ☑️Ceramic Instant Variable Frequency Inverter Water Heating System
    ☑️Nano antibacterial water filtration
    ☑️Air bubble induction pump for softer feeling spray
    ☑️Warm seat with adjustable temperature
    ☑️Soft-close seat and lid, “sittable” lid (up to 400 lbs)
    ☑️Occupied seat sensor control
    ☑️Adjustable stainless steel wand and nozzles
    ☑️UV sterilizer lamp for wand and nozzles
    ☑️Adjustable water pressure and temperature
    ☑️Automatic cold, warm or warm/cold wash cycle
    ☑️900 ml/minute front or rear wash
    ☑️Massage wash – front or rear
    ☑️Turbo wash – front or rear
    ☑️Room temperature or warm air drying
    ☑️Quick-release feature for cleaning
      NOVA Eco-Bidet Seat - Elongated

      Eco-NOVA Bidet Seat

      Water Supply Hydraulic Powered
      Power Consumption Max. 11400W
      Water Heating Technology Ceramic Instant-type Variable Frequency Inverter System
      Water Volume (Posterior, Front) 0.17 gal/min, 0.17 gal/min
      Water Temperature Control 4 Levels
      Nozzle Position/
      Water Pressure Control
      Dryer Heat Capacity 140W
      Dryer Temperature 4 Levels
      Seat Heat Capacity 30W
      Seat Temperature Control 4 Levels
      Elongated Seat Dimensions W20.43 x D17.72 x H5.24 inches
      Wash Front, Posterior, Turbo & Massage
      Air Bubble Induction Pump (softer feeling spray) Yes
      Nano Antibacterial Water Filtration Yes
      Adjustable Water Temp & Pressure Control Yes
      Adjustable Nozzle Position Yes
      Self-Cleaning Nozzle Yes
      UV Sterilizer Lamp for Wand & Nozzles Yes
      Room Temperature or Warm Air Drying Yes
      Adjustable Warm Seat Yes
      Soft-Close Seat & Lid Yes
      Sittable Lid (up to 400 pounds) Yes
      Occupied Seat Sensor Yes
      Blue Night Light Yes
      Quick Manual Cleaning Yes